Welcome to The UCSF Child & Adolescent Chronic Illness Center!

Our center partners with patients, families, health care providers and researchers to create a lifetime of wellness for children and adolescents living with a chronic illness.

What's New?

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Kids Cooking 4 Life to offer a virtual series of hands-on cooking classes for kids ages 9-16 to learn home cooking and healthy eating! Each 4-week series is designed to help kids with chronic illness learn independence in the kitchen, deepen their joy of eating healthy food, and foster a sense of community and belonging. Classes start February 9th. Click here for more information -- it could be just what someone you know needs! 

Other events and information you may be interested in:

Wellboxes: Virtual toolkits available on our website to support patients, families, and providers as they talk about wellness, identify goals, and chart a course forward. Click here for more information.   




Spring Expressive Writing Workshop: An opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect while creatively replenishing themselves, guided by Suzanne Edison, a writer, parent, and former psychotherapist. Click here for more information. 

Community Parenting Discussions: A chance to hear about approaches to the everyday challenges parenting of a child or adolescent with chronic illness from the true experts - other parents. We will dive into topics like managing sibling differences, creating emergency action plans, and empowering your child at times when they feel different. Click here for more information. 


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